Ashley Skermer

CMTBC Member / RMT for Kelowna and the Okanagan

Ashley Skermer RMT is a leading provider of massage therapy services, committed to helping you maintain optimal health through every stage of life. She understands women’s unique changes and provides an educational massage therapy approach, with an evidence-based practice in the Pandosy Village area of Kelowna.

Prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal massage and cesarean scar tissue

Assessment & adaptations for medically complicated and high-risk pregnancies

Ways to restore and rebalance a postpartum woman’s abdomen and movement

Relevant research, ethics, and collaboration for integration into perinatal healthcare

Techniques to alleviate most prenatal, labor & postpartum complaints

Massage Therapy Services

Ashley Skermer - Nuerokinetic Therapy

Through manual muscle testing and postural assessment, we can identify the root causes of your discomfort.

Ashley Skermer - Tapping Therapy

Myofascial Release relaxes the connective tissues that cover and interpenetrate our muscles and bones, alleviating pain and restoring natural motion.

Ashley Skermer - Maternity Therapy

Pregnancy is an exciting, joy-filled experience, but it also brings unique changes to a woman’s body that can manifest as pain or discomfort. We can help you enjoy your glow.

Effective Massage Services & Treatment Modalities

We provide Massage Therapy in the Okanagan for every woman in every stage of life.