Fourth Trimester – Maternity Care

Full massage services for new and expecting moms; prenatal & postnatal massage.

Fourth Trimester

The changes that occur to a woman’s body don’t end with the birth of her newborn. It’s important that you receive proper care for your body in the three months following the birth of your child, to prevent or alleviate many of the post-delivery complications that frequently occur. Ashley understands the profound changes in your body during the post-delivery stage of your pregnancy, and through postnatal massage she can isolate your specific needs to help you regain muscle control, prevent pain, and reduce stress.

Maternity Care

We offer a comprehensive range of services for new moms and moms-to-be, to help you enjoy your pregnancy and ensure your body can recover from the necessary changes. We use an innovative positioning system that uses cushions to maintain the proper side-lying position, ensuring you are comfortable and well-supported; and our pillows grow with you, from prenatal to postnatal.


Pregnancy is a time of physiological and structural changes to your body. During this time, you may feel pain or discomfort, compounded by changes in your weight distribution, body mechanics, and posture. One of these physiological changes is the production of the hormone relaxin, which allows joints, ligaments, and tendons to stretch and move freely. Maternity massage can help reduce your symptoms, especially in the hips, back, pelvis, and neck, due to strain from weight-bearing and postural changes.


The postpartum period is a time for healing and recovering from labor. This may include pelvic ligament joint strain, urinary incontinence, and exhaustion, as well as after-effects from pain medications and epidurals.


Mammary changes, including milk production, may also occur, but through therapeutic post-delivery massage, we can help you feel good in your new body.


Whether planned or unplanned, a C-section birth is a major abdominal surgery. As your body heals from the procedure it forms bands of internal scar tissue, called adhesions, that, without treatment, can lead to a list of ongoing or chronic complications.


Many women are not aware of the post-surgical complications that can develop in the months or years after a c-section, such as swelling, soreness when walking or rising from a chair, muscular tightness, chronic backache, and pelvic pain. In Kelowna, Ashley’s Post-Cesarean Massage Therapy is an effective way to reduce fascial restrictions, decrease scar tissue adhesions, and prevent long term pain.

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